QIIB conducts an emergency evacuation drill at its main branch on Grand Hamad Street


Within the framework of its Emergency Response Plan and in order to reinforce its safety and security protocols, (QIIB) recently conducted an emergency evacuation drill at its main branch on Grand Hamad Street, enacting a virtual fire scenario.

The drill simulated actual procedures that should be exercised during fires, such as sounding sirens and evacuation of employees based on the safety and security protocols approved by the bank.

Staff entrusted with the implementation of security and safety procedures carried out the instructions they were trained to perform, as specified to each of them. They supervised the evacuation operations inside the building by guiding the employees to emergency exit, making sure they used the allocated routes, stopping elevators, and directing employees to predetermined assembly points for emergencies as well as ensuring the evacuation of all personnel from their offices and departments.

On this occasion, Mr. Ali AL-Mesaifri chief human resources and general services stated that: “This drill, which was not the first one, showed distinct co-operation among the members of the bank's security and safety team and their fellow employees. However, we were keen to conduct a very realistic and unexpected simulation, so we can benefit from the lessons learnt, God forbid, in case of an actual fire”.

He added: "Risk management is one of our top priorities and cases of emergency should be taken into account and anticipated through similar drills conducted in accordance with highly coordinated response plans”.

He also affirmed that QIIB gives great attention to safety equipment and ensures that all buildings in which it functions, meet potential risk requirements and are equipped with sirens, emergency exits, fire extinguishers and signage in all paths as per the relevant international standards”.

Mr. AL-Mesaifri also thanked all staff members who contributed to the success of this drill as well as all employees for their quick response, which is a great proof of QIIB’s readiness in the event of an emergency