For the fifth consecutive year, QIIB awarded prestigious PCI Certificate on Information Security

  • Dr. Al-Shaibei: We put cybersecurity at the top of our priorities to ensure we always protect our customers data.


For the fifth consecutive year, QIIB has been awarded the highest certificate in the protection of banking cards data also called the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard v 3.2.1 (PCI-DSS), granted by SISA a Forensic driven Cyber security specialist company headquartered in Bangalore, India.

This certificate is of particular importance given the unusual circumstances that the world is facing this year and the increasing challenges in combating attempts to hack and avoid scams as well as the customers’ growing dependence on payments via bank cards.

On the occasion, QIIB chief executive officer Dr. Abdulbasit Ahmad al-Shaibei said, “We are pleased to meet the exceptional standards in the protection of our customers’ data. QIIB invested heavily in cybersecurity and its various solutions. Being awarded the PCI-DSS certificate proves that we are on the right track. We will continue to focus greatly on this aspect, which is deemed crucial for our banking operations and our various banking channels”.

He said, "Interest in providing technological solutions is no longer a luxury, but rather an urgent need that must be met constantly, while adopting the highest security posture and take advantage of the achievements made in the field of cybersecurity to protect from hacking attempts and electronic crimes, which unfortunately are becoming increasingly complicated and are target various facilities and institutions. Thus, our response should be above par, so as to protect the data of our customers and the security of our transactions in accordance with the highest standards”.

Dr. Al-Shaibei affirmed, “QIIB assures its customers that the security of all their data and transactions is at the top of our priorities, in line with the best global standards, so as to serve the interest of our customers, enhance mutual trust and provide a safe technological environment for the prosperity of the local business environment”.

QIIB CEO thanked SISA, the leader in information security and customer data protection, stressing that the bank will continue to work closely with the company in order to benefit from its expertise and solutions in the field of cybersecurity.

SISA CEO and Founder, Mr. Dharshan Shanthamurthy, said, “Congratulations to QIIB’s team on achieving PCI DSS certification. Maintaining such an exhaustive international benchmark is not a one-off activity but an ongoing process.

QIIB was established in 1990 as the second Islamic bank in Qatar and is currently the third largest Islamic bank listed on the Qatar Stock Exchange in terms of assets and market value. The bank began operating in 1991, providing integrated banking services to its customers through a network of branches across Qatar.

The bank has several regional and international partnerships and was able to make a qualitative leap in the development of its technological structure and alternative channels, thus enhancing the banking services its provides to the next level.